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There are so many interesting scientists from all around the world. Some who lived hundreds of years ago and some that are working today. Our science week in 2018 showed us that most jobs have some sort of science in them. I've listed some interesting scientists here. Have a go at researching some of them and perhaps you might like to do some research of your own. Please bring your work into school to share with your classmates and teachers. I have a "Super Science Work Wall" in my room and enjoy covering it with your science work!
Picture 1 Brian Cox-astrophysicist
Picture 2 Helen Sharman-astronaut
Picture 3 Isaac Newton-Worked on gravity
Picture 4 Mary Seacole-pioneer in nursing
Picture 5 David Attenborough-environmental scientist
Picture 6 Clea Koff-forensic anthropologist
PLEASE NOTE: School will be CLOSED for pupils on THURSDAY 23RD MAY due to school being used as a Polling Station on this day.