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Spring 1 'Ice, Ice Baby'

The children in Foundation Stage celebrated Chinese New Year. They researched which year they were born and  discussed that it is the year of the dog. They tried new foods, used chopsticks and practised writing Happy New Year in Chinese writing. They also loved dancing to music as a dragon.

Great fun and learning had by all.   

Picture 1 Role Play in our Chinese Restaurant.
Picture 2 Mmmmm what shall I have?
Picture 3 Chinese writing.
Picture 4 Mastering chopsticks.
Picture 5 I did it!
Picture 6 Dragon dancing in the 4D immersive space.
Picture 7 "I can do this"
Picture 8 Mmmm prawn crackers.
Picture 9 "This is how you do it"

Lost and Found

Lost and Found  1 The children sorting clothes for the characters.
Lost and Found  2 Lets write down what we will we need.
Lost and Found  3 The Investigation Station. Where do Penguins live?
Lost and Found  4 Foundation Stage reading igloo.
Lost and Found  5 Winter - freezing and melting.

The children have settled in really well this week and they were really excited to tell us their news from the holidays.

We have a busy half term ahead of us looking at Winter and environmental changes. The children will be looking at weather, Winter animals and reading the book Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers.

  1. Below are some ideas for each of the areas of learning within Foundation Stage, these may change as we follow the children’s interests and ideas.

Communication and Language.

The children will use talk for writing skills to retell stories and talk about feelings and their own ideas. We will be looking at how the characters in the story feel and how we make others feel. We will also be looking at the countries the characters in the story might travel through on their way to the South Pole. France, Portugal, Morocco, tasting food, looking at the flags of the countries and the language they speak.

Personal Social and Emotional Development.

Looking at people who help us in our community, Police officers, Firefighters, Nurses, Doctors and how we can help others. Encourage the children to help each other through role play. The children will take it in turns to be the teacher and help their friends. What do we have in school to help us? How is it different to school in the past?

Physical Development.

  1. Our topic this half term is movement and the children will have a weekly PE lesson with Mr Finlay, they will be looking at how they can move in different ways on, over, under and through different equipment and obstacles. The children will also have daily access to the outdoor provision, were they will have opportunities to balance, and climb, as well as ride bikes, throw balls and bean bags. They can also have fun in the mud kitchen and water play.


There will be lots of opportunity for the children to apply skills previously learned independently. Writing for different purposes, lists, letters, instructions etc. They will also continue with their daily phonics and reading individually and in groups. The children will be writing lost posters and speech bubbles in relation to their book Lost and Found.


The children will continue to consolidate in all aspects of Number, counting, number recognition, one more and one less and combining two groups of objects.

We will be looking more closely at measurement, capacity pattern and estimation.


Understanding of the World.

  1. This half term we will be using the book Lost and Found and the season Winter as stimuli. Can the children tell us about the changes in the environment since our Autumn walk? Where do Penguins live? Why? What do they eat? How do they travel? The children will become the experts, making fact files and helping other children from other year groups around school.
  1. The children will look at celebrations Chinese New Year and Shrove Tuesday. How are they celebrated and what foods are eaten and are there any special clothes worn? The children will have opportunities to cook and taste special foods and dress in authentic clothing.

Expressive Arts and Design.

Art will be a focus both indoor and outdoor. The children will look at Winter pictures and try to recreate them, make penguin pictures using different media, mix paints to see how the colours change and paint the Christmas tree outside. How can we make it look frosty? What colours will they use? What colours do we associate with cold? We will also be looking at floating and sinking and melting and freezing.

We look forward to a busy half term and hope the children do to.

Kind regards,

The Foundation Stage Team

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Half term Monday 22nd - Friday 26th October 2018