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World Children's day in Y5

Pupils were introduced to the concept of family reunion and began to think more deeply about the issue of refugee children and family separation.

First, we familiarised ourselves to Paddington’s story and discussed the following...


Who was Paddington’s family in Peru? Do we know where his parents were? How do you think Paddington felt after the earthquake
in Peru when he couldn’t find his Aunt Lucy
and Uncle Pastuzo?

Why did Aunt Lucy put Paddington in the lifeboat alone to go to the UK? How do you think she felt?

How do you think Paddington felt to leave everything that he knew behind and go to a new place where he had never been and didn’t know anyone? Have you ever had to move to a new city or to a new school where you didn’t know anyone? What were some of the things you were afraid of or excited about?

What were some of the dangers Paddington faced being in the lifeboat alone? How long do you think it took to sail from Peru to the UK? If you were on a boat that long what would you think about?

Because of Aunt Lucy and Uncle Pastuzo’s experience in meeting the explorer, Paddington grew up believing that London was a wonderful place – but London and the people there weren’t exactly like he imagined when he arrived. What were some of the challenges that Paddington faced when he made it to London? What do you think Paddington was most scared of? (He didn’t have a family, he had to learn many new things, he was all alone, the things he had been taught about London we the toilet and brushing your teeth.)

Can you imagine what Paddington might have felt like being in the train station alone?

How do you think Paddington felt when he 
met the Brown family? Why do you think Mrs. Brown wanted to help Paddington? Why do you think Mr. Brown was very nervous about having a bear in the house?

What were some of the things that were very new in the UK for Paddington? Have you ever been to a foreign country where things were very different? How did you feel?

Paddington left Peru after the earthquake. What other kinds of situations besides earthquakes (natural disasters) may force children and their families to leave their homes?

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Then we did a 'KNOW YOUR RIGHTS' Quiz...

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Then, we watched the CBBC Newsround website and found out about a politician Lord Dubs (a child refugee at the age of 6 when the Nazis invaded his home city of Prague) who has set up a scheme to bring lone child refugees to the UK...

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Y5 are learning about refugees; thumbs up if the statement is true or thumbs down if it is false?

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