• Year 1 98.2%
  • Year 2 95%
  • Year 3 98.2%
  • Year 4 97.3%
  • Year 5 98.2%
  • Year 6 96.5%
  • Year 7 94.5%
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Welcome to science at Phoenix Primary.


Hello and welcome to the science section of the school’s website.

My name is Mrs Sue Evans and I have been at Phoenix for nearly three decades! I have been science lead at Phoenix for five years. My favourite science subject is biology and my favourite investigation is the “great Phoenix poo experiment!” I work in most year groups and enjoy teaching science to all age groups.

I am responsible for the science teaching and learning at Phoenix. I write the science policy, collect assessment data, meet with parents and children, deliver staff training sessions, manage the science budget and resources, workshops for parents and arrange and organise our famous “Phoenix science weeks.”

Our philosophy for science at Phoenix is to create a “CAN DO” attitude. We want our children to be pro-active with their science at home and believe that with hard work and support they can study science at the top universities and go onto have careers in many of the science professions. Our science week 2018 was called “From class to career” which illustrated that most carers have some science aspect to them. Look at the photographs on the website.

Our school biodome provides opportunities for children and staff to take science outdoors. A lot of science teaching goes on in the biodome and we regularly produce food for the school kitchen or to sell at our Christmas and summer fayres.

How is science taught at Phoenix?

The school follows the National Curriculum topics throughout the year groups. In the foundation stage there is emphasis on the science element of the Understanding the World area. I regularly spend time in the foundation stage where working scientifically is at its best.

The school has adopted a “Fill the Gap” curriculum. This ensures that our children avoid the gaps that are present in the topics covered. These stand alone lessons are completed every half term and have a focus on science vocabulary. Each class teacher plans for at least one practical investigation every half term.

Classes display a science wall. This is made up of vocabulary cards for the topic that half term, working scientifically vocabulary and a misconception board. The misconception board allows children to talk freely about their science knowledge and address any misconceptions the children may have about the subject. They address the misconception at the end of the topic and correct any mistakes.

Science is great fun at Phoenix. If you have any questions or queries about science at Phoenix, please don’t hesitate to ask.

I can be contacted via the school office .

Yours in science,

Mrs Sue Evans.


What are we learning in science?


Science is taught on a two week time table.      

Autumn term 1 2018.                                      Autumn term 2 2018.

* Year 1- Plants.                                                             * Year 1-Plants.

* Year 2- Living things and their habitats.                     *  Year 2-Uses of everyday materials.

* Class 7- Plants.                                                            *  Class 7- Plants.                                 

* Year 3-Rocks.                                                              *  Year 3- Light.

* Year 4-Animals including humans.                             *  Year 4- Animals including humans.

* Year 5-Living things and their habitats.                      *  Year 5- Earth and space.

* Year 6-Animals including humans.                             *  Year 6- Electricity.


Spring term 1 2019.                                                     Spring term 2 2019.

* Year 1- Seasonal changes.                                        * Year 1- Everyday materials.

* Year 2- Plants.                                                           * Year 2-Plants.     

* Class 7- Seasonal changes.                                       * Class 7- Everyday materials.

* Year 3- Plants.                                                           *  Year 3- Animals including humans.

* Year 4- Sound.                                                          *  Year 4- Electricity.

* Year 5- Properties and changes of materials.           *  Year 5- Forces.

* Year 6- Light.                                                             * Year 6-Evolution and inheritance.


Summer term 1 2019.                                                  Summer term 2 2019.

* Year 1- Living things and their habitats.                   * Year 1- Animals including humans.

* Year 2- Animals including humans.                          *  Year 2- Animals including humans.

* Class 7- Living things and their habitats.                  *  Class 7-Animals including humans.

* Year 3- Animals including humans.                           * Year 3- Forces and magnets.

* Year 4- States of matter.                                            * Year 4- Living things and their habitats.

* Year 5- Animals including humans.                           * Year 5- Animals including humans.

* Year 6- Evolution and inheritance.                            *  Year 6- Living things and their habitats.


Scientist of the term


Science rocks at Phoenix! 


At the end of every term teachers are asked to choose a child from their class who is to be awarded the title of "Scientist of the term."

Children can be chosen for the following reasons:


smiley Working hard in class and making a great contribution to science lessons.

smiley  Showing expertise in working scientifically.

smiley  Carrying out a piece of scientific research at home.


smiley  Showing an interest in science and sharing their enthusiasm with staff and peers.


Winners are presented with a present and a certificate to recognise their achievements and presented with their award from people like Luciana Berger, MP, Deputy heads of local schools and school governors.


Spring Half Term Monday 18th February - Friday 22nd February 2019