• Year 1 98.2%
  • Year 2 95%
  • Year 3 98.2%
  • Year 4 97.3%
  • Year 5 98.2%
  • Year 6 96.5%
  • Class 7 94.5%
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Helping Your Child At Home

Thank you again to all the support and hard work that has taken place over the past couple of difficult weeks. If you require any further support for remote learning, please contact school on 0151 228 3834 or Miss Morris via Class Dojo. Thank you.


KS1 have a daily phonics session that is also supported by extra games and practice during the week.

Picnic on Pluto- this game is good for familiarising your child with decoding and reading real and alien words. There are lots of other phonics games on the above website that you might want to have a go at.

A sorting game aimed at helping p, b, d confusion.

Forest phonics- listen to the word and choose the correct digraph to spell the word.

Listen to the word and click on the correct spelling.

Deep sea divers- children listen to the word and choose the correct digraph.



This website requires you to set up a free account.

Once you have registered for an account you will have access to a large selection of free e-books.



Further to our daily maths lessons, we consolidate our learning and basic skills three times a week.

The above websites have a large selection of games which cover all areas of maths, I often use these activities to aid my teaching.