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  • Year 2 95%
  • Year 3 98.2%
  • Year 4 97.3%
  • Year 5 98.2%
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Our bio dome.

smileyWe are very lucky to have a bio dome which is located in our large playground. We officially opened it in September 2016 and we were delighted when Rachael Maskell MP-(who was then shadow secretary of state for the environment and rural affairs) came to cut the ribbon!


smileyDuring the spring and summer terms we run an after school bio dome club. Mrs Bentley provides gardening and science activities for children from the foundation stage to upper key stage 2. We have been successful in growing herbs which Sue the cook used for making homemade soup, daffodil and tulip bulbs that were sold at the Christmas fayre! During science week 2018 each class had a session in the biodome which included collecting recycled material and food for the wormery and planting lettuce seeds and garlic bulbs. We were luck enough to have an excellent crop of tomatoes and potatoes at the end of the school year which made their way into the school's salad bar and into Sue's excellent scouse! 

Classes use the biodome throughout the year for their science lessons. During the hot summer months Mrs Bentley has a rota of very enthusiastic children who help with watering, weeding and tidying up.

noDespite storms, snow and a few vandalism incidents the bio dome is going from strength to strength. 

Our aim is to display any food we grow at the school gate and ask for donations in return.

noWatch this space!





Rachael Maskell MP and guests.
Rachael Maskell MP talks to school and parents.
Everyone gathers for the opening of the bio dome.
Rachael gets ready to cut the ribbon!
Year 1 working in the bio dome.
Mrs Evans looking for the daffodil bulbs.
Are we ready to plant?
Bags for life can be used to grow potatoes!
Who wants to do the watering?
Spring onions are growing well in the bio dome.
Does that weed come from a seed or a bulb?
How did that weed get there/
A bulb or seed asks Mrs Azmay.
Spring onions can grow from a bulb or seeds.
We have some weeding to do.
 Spring onions are growing well in the bio dom.e
Weeds or cabbages?
Its cold outside but not in the biodome.
Bring a weed back to class to observe.
Fresh, home grown herbs for our cook.
How did the weeds get there?
Will these be in our soup tomorrow?
Thormi is a watering volunteer.
Sue was delighted with our herbs.
Science week's 2018's crop of tomatoes.
Class 7 looking for materials in the biodome.
Year 2 planting potatoes in the biodome.
Year 2 picked the leeks from the bio dome.
The smell was amazing!
Sue our cook made leek & potato soup.

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