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Science work with Mrs Evans

Hello to parents and carers of children in year 3. My name is Mrs. Sue Evans and I am the science lead at Phoenix. This school year I have the pleasure of teaching science in year 3 on Monday afternoons.


What's the topic?


  Half term 1. Half term 2.
Autumn Rocks. Light.
Spring. Plants. Animals, including humans.
Summer. Animals, including humans. Forces and magnets.


Picture 1 Getting ready for our investigation.
Picture 2 Measuring during science.
Picture 3 Preparing for the water transportation session.
Picture 4 Maths and science are best buddies.
Picture 5 Working as a team.
Picture 6 Getting the measurements correct.
Picture 7 Looking at water transportation.
Picture 8 Scientists working as a team.
Picture 9 Why are we using coloured water/
Picture 10 Making sure its a fair test.
Picture 11 Maths measuring!
Picture 12 Checking on measures.
Picture 13 Our water transportation experiement.
Picture 14 Yr3 making a human plant.
Picture 15 Investigating seed dispersal in water.
Picture 16 Will seeds be transported in the water.
Picture 17 The seeds travelled in our "Stream,"
Picture 18 Seeds in water.
Picture 19 The hair drier acted like the wind.
Picture 20 Seeds in the balloon were like a bursting flower.
Picture 21 The paper plane "bird" dropped seeds in its waste.
Picture 22 Our paper plane "bird."
Picture 23 Maths calculations in science.

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