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The Carbon Literacy Project - Y5

The Liverpool City Region Combined Authority have set out ambitious targets designed to reduce the impact of climate change:

  • A zero-carbon target of 2040
  • The Mersey Tidal Commission
  • A £10m Green Investment Fund
  • £460m investment in new, state-of-the-art trains for Merseyrail network – improving and futureproofing green public transport.
  • The cleanest bus fleet outside of London – with 7 out of 10 vehicles already low emission and 25 zero emission hydrogen buses arriving next year.
  • Establishment of a Clean Air Taskforce
  • A “Brownfield First” approach to development
  • Investment into the first phase of a £16 million 600km cycling and walking network.


Schools and education settings have a crucial role to play in working to achieve these targets.


These materials are designed to motivate and empower young people in Liverpool to act either as an individual or as a whole school to contribute towards a zero-carbon future.


The aim of this unit of work is:

  • to identify and answer the core scientific questions that need to be addressed to have good understanding of the nature and impact of climate change.
  • To equip students with sufficient understanding of the issues surrounding climate change for them to make informed decisions and take individual and collective action towards a more sustainable future.