• Year 1 98.2%
  • Year 2 95%
  • Year 3 98.2%
  • Year 4 97.3%
  • Year 5 98.2%
  • Year 6 96.5%
  • Class 7 94.5%
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Session 1

Session 1. Climate Change and the Carbon Cycle


Core questions:

  • What is carbon and why is it important?
  • How is carbon cycled in the environment naturally?
  • How does human activity add carbon to the atmosphere?
  • What is the impact of adding excess carbon to the atmosphere?
  • What is the process called that produces carbon dioxide as a by-product in car engines?
  • Are there any other processes that produce carbon dioxide?
  • The air is approximately 0.033% carbon dioxide why is it important that there is this amount of carbon dioxide in the air?
  • What effect does carbon dioxide produce in the atmosphere and why has this become such a big problem?

What is the carbon cycle?

The carbon cycle is nature's way of recycling carbon atoms. Carbon is the foundation for all life on Earth.

Global Warming For Kids