• Year 1 98.2%
  • Year 2 95%
  • Year 3 98.2%
  • Year 4 97.3%
  • Year 5 98.2%
  • Year 6 96.5%
  • Class 7 94.5%
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So proud of Natalie & Kerry who asked me to help them improve their maths!smileyno

Natalie (whose daughter Maddie is in Y2) and Kerry (whose son Christopher is in Y4) came for a short maths session during parents evening tonight.

We began with some place value (HTO) and then moved on to column addition (TO+TO).

They really enjoyed it and will be coming to school every Tuesday at 2:30pm to learn new skills...

Checking themselves out on the LCQM webpage

Callum's mum Annie has a refresher lesson - HTO X O and HTO/O

Today we are joined by Stacie (Zane & Kayden's mum) and learn subtraction with regrouping...

Today, we were joined by Lisa (Jade's mum)....smileyno

Annie tries some multiplication of decimals...

Today we tried x10, 100 and wasn't easy!?sad

Today, we were joined by Leeanne (Lewis's mum)...

She told me that when she and Lewis were looking through the March edition of the  'very informative' Phoenix Maths Newsletter, he asked her why she wasn't in it.... so she decided to come to our Maths Workshop!frown