• Year 1 98.2%
  • Year 2 95%
  • Year 3 98.2%
  • Year 4 97.3%
  • Year 5 98.2%
  • Year 6 96.5%
  • Class 7 94.5%
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Maths Apps

Some maths apps recommended by parents and children...

 Price: Free

Chicken Coop Fractions

This is a game aimed at Key Stage 2, particularly upper 4 and years 5 and 6. Move the nest along a number line to catch the hen’s eggs. This is best for consolidating fractions work, including improper fractions and equivalents. The splatted eggs and chirpy chicks add charm!

  Price: Free

Math Workout

This is a no-nonsense maths workout! Answer sums as quickly as you can. Compete against others, set your own records. Great for developing speed with the four number operations and can be used effectively with Key Stage 2 pupils or those that need a challenge! Don’t expect exciting graphics or animated characters – it is as it is! 

 Price: Free

Math, age 4-6

This has such a range of great activities! It is a super app with a great virtual teacher to guide the children through the tasks which cover everything from basic number work to sequences, position and direction, fractions, shapes, mathematical language, division and more!

 Price: Free

Math, age 3-5

An app that actually teaches the children, taking them step by step though each activity. There is a great variety of activities which build on each other. It develops number recognition, opportunities to sequence numbers, great visual clues, shapes, direction, position vocabulary, and much, much more.

Pirate Treasure Hunt

 Price: Free

This is an app providing a variety of problem solving opportunities for children. As you help Pirate Jack to find the hidden treasure you take part in mathematical and literacy based tasks: shapes, spelling, addition sums, sequencing, and time problems, etc. It is great for the variety it offers and encouraging the children to adapt from one type of skill to another.

Tell The Time

 Price: £1.99

This is great for Key Stage 1 but would be good for some children in early Key Stage 2. It is progressive, moving from hours through to half hours and quarter past and quarter to, then onto 5 minute intervals. There also digital/analogue equivalents. On the later stages it works to the nearest minute. A great app, highly recommended!