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Year 2

Summer 2 

Dear Parents and Guardians,


Year 2 worked extremely hard last half term, completing their SATs (‘Queen’s work’) and have impressed us with their brilliant effort and skills.


This half term we will be starting our new theme entitled ‘Up, Up and Away’. As you know at Phoenix Primary School we are taking a thematic approach to our curriculum. This means that our Geography, History, Art, Design Technology and some of our Science, English, Maths and RE lessons will be based around this theme.


We will start our theme by looking at different ways of travelling and how transport has changed over time. We will also be exploring the life and achievements of Amelia Earhart as the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic and her attempt at flying around the world. We will also be looking at the change in aeroplanes over time and why those changes have been made.


Mrs Evans will continue to teach science on Monday afternoons and Year 2 will be recapping different units from their learning this year. We have science week to look forward to and a focus on healthy eating.


Last half term we developed our SPAG skills and ensured that we were showing off our best writing techniques when working for the Queen. This half term, Miss Cusack will be delivering our English writing sessions and will be focusing upon perfecting our SPAG knowledge and writing instructions. Year 2 will also be exploring Colin McNaughton stories.


As always a big focus for our reading will be comprehension. It is really important that your child reads with someone at home every night. This will help them in school. Also, if you or whoever listens to your child read, could possibly ask your child questions that would be fantastic. The most beneficial questions are ones that require the children to actually find evidence in the text, and also form their own opinions on themes within the text. For example: ‘How do you know Biff is sad?’ or ‘What do you think happens to the villain in this story?’.


In Mathematics, we will be revisiting previous learning including addition, subtraction, mulitplication and division. Please practice the multiplication and division facts for the 2, 5 and 10 time tables.


If you do have any further questions to ask about the curriculum this term, or if you are an expert in any areas of our theme, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Thank you for your support




Miss El-Saiegh

Healthy eating fun in science 22.5.17

Hot chocolate treat for brilliant effort preparing for the 'Queen's work' 12.5.17

Superhero Day 5.5.17

Grouping similar information under headings 25.4.17

We have been exploring where our magic wardrobe will take us... Red Group visited an underwater world! 31.3.17 and 1.4.17

Sorting shapes and problem solving 29.3.17

Please learn our new Talk For Writing map. We will be writing a setting description.

Year 2 2016-2017

Welcome to the class page for the brilliant and amazing Year 2.

Please check for updates throughout the year from Miss El-Saiegh, Mrs Clements, Mr Harkin and Mrs Williams.

*Important Notice: Please make sure your child reads every night and that you discuss the reading book with your child. Asking comprehension questions that require them to look and find information in the story (Who/What questions) should also lead onto higher level questions such as 'What would happen if...?', 'How do you know...?', 'Why do you think that...?', 'What do you think the author means when...?' or 'Why has this word been used...?'. 


*Important Notice: Please ensure your child brings their reading pack in everyday so we can change their reading book as often as possible. 

We love dressing up! Today we dressed as our favourite characters 9.3.17

Congratulations Jade for being a runner up in Luciana Berger's Christmas card competition!

Phoenix Primary visits Narnia at St.George's Hall 16.2.17


Great Fire of Phoenix 19.1.17

We are going to be writing our own version of Hansel and Gretel. Please help your child to learn this story map so they can use it when writing.

We are studying... The Day The Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt. We love this story and cannot wait to write our own Gold Crayon letters, using our Talk for Writing method.

Sparkle and Spells week! We have loved exploring different poems and solving spooky maths problems this week (31st October - 4th November)

Well done to those children who completed the Liverpool Maths Trail! 2.10.16

Open Afternoon 29.9.16 - Thank you for attending!

Maths 23.9.16 - Can we order numbers to 100 and identify a number based on clues given?

MUSEUM OF LIVERPOOL 21.9.16 - Celebrating our Liverpool theme!

20.9.16 Maths - How many ways can we represent 2 digit numbers?

Roald Dahl's Birthday Celebrations!

16.9.16 Roald Dahl Maths - Partitioning numbers and counting in steps of 2, 3, 5 and 10

14.9.16 Re-enacting George's medicine making skills!

This term we are reading...

George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl 


We are really enjoying reading this story during our celebration of Roald Dahl's 100th birthday. We have read up to​ the point where George has finished the medicine and is about to give it to Grandma. We have been making predictions and have written the next chapter of George's Marvellous Medicine. Here are some of the questions we discussed:


What do you think happens to Grandma?  

Can you remember 10 things George put into the saucepan?

Do you think it's right for children to make medicines? 

What do you think George's parents will do or say? 

Welcome to Year 2, Autumn 1!

Dear Parents


Welcome back to Autumn 1 in Year 2. I hope everyone has had a lovely time over the summer holidays and are now ready to hit the ground running in this new academic year. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the Year 2 Class Teacher. Mr. Harkin, who was previously based in Year 6 and Mrs. Williams, who was based in Year 1, will support Year 2 this year, alongside Mrs. Clements who will support during the morning. We have enjoyed getting to know the children in Year 2 during September. I am sure we will have a great year.


This term our school theme is entitled ‘Our Liverpool Home’ and in Year 2, we are looking particularly at architecture in Liverpool. At Phoenix Primary School we are taking a thematic approach to our curriculum. This means that our Geography, History, Art, Design Technology and some of our Science, English, Maths and RE lessons will be based around the theme of Liverpool buildings.    


We will be focusing primarily on famous landmarks and the work of Liverpool artist Tula Moon. We will be creating our own Tula Moon style artwork based on Liverpool buildings after visiting different famous building around Liverpool. Further details of this field trip will follow soon. We will be investigating the history of different Liverpool buildings and developing our knowledge of compass directions also. In our science, we will be investigating living things and their habitats.  Mrs. Evans will teach Science on Monday afternoons.


In English, we will be studying the life and work of Roald Dahl with a focus on ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’. We will also be creating our own recipes and instructions for our own ‘medicines’. We will be focusing on developing our descriptions and story writing in particular. The focus of our SPAG lessons this term will be consolidating our use of full stops, capital letters and beginning to use commas in lists.


In Mathematics, we will be working on our basic number skills, particular place value at first, and then we will move onto adding and subtracting two digit numbers. Alongside this, we will start looking at sequences and patterns in numbers.


In our computing lessons, we will be developing our basic skills including typing and saving. We will be doing this on our school laptops and in creative ways in the classroom too.  In RE we will be learning about different beliefs in God, including the views in religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Hinduism. Our main focus is recognising that there are different views and beliefs in God and that they can co-exist in our society.


This half term we will be swimming on a Tuesday afternoon.  


If you do have any further questions to ask about the curriculum this term, then do not hesitate to ask.


Thank you for your support


Miss El-Saiegh