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Year 6

Understand Goal 16: Peace and Justice (Primary)

The History of China : Every Year

This video shows the history of China from 1600 BCE to 2017, passing through the Spring and Automn period, the Warring states, the sixteen kingdoms and more ...

The HISTORY of UYGHUR Muslims - KJ Vids

Uyghurs are predominately Turkic-speaking Sunni Muslims who live primarily in the autonomous region of Xinjiang.Islam came to the region in the 10th century....

Inside China's 'thought transformation' camps - BBC News

The BBC has been given rare access to the vast system of highly secure facilities thought to be holding more than a million Muslims in China's western region...

Nike and H&M face China backlash after warning of Uighur forced labour in cotton industry - BBC News

Nike and H&M are among major clothing retailers facing a backlash in China after expressing concern about allegations that Uighurs are being used as forced l...

P4C discussion:


a. Individual consumers must take responsibility for their own consumption by

making sure that the products they purchase are not tainted by forced labour.


b. It is unreasonable to ask individual consumers to monitor their own

consumption for human rights reasons. People should be able to rely on the

government to make sure that products made with forced labour are not available

for purchase in their country.