• Year 1 98.2%
  • Year 2 95%
  • Year 3 98.2%
  • Year 4 97.3%
  • Year 5 98.2%
  • Year 6 96.5%
  • Class 7 94.5%
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Helping your child at home


We complete daily English lessons through a fantastic 'Talk for Writing' and a text based approach. Furthermore, we complete Reading Mastery sessions five days a week. The following websites will support you child in developing their reading even further. 

Your child may have a Reading Plus login which is an online intervention which helps to develop reading pace and comprehension. Please ask Mrs Easom for the login details for this. 


Short reading games and activities - › Schools Home › Primary - Ages 4-11 › english-games › 7-11-years › reading


Reading for pleasure book ideas -

Even though your child may be able to independently read in Y6, please ensure you still regularly listen to them and ask questions about the texts they are reading.


Throughout Year 6, we will explore a range of writing genres and there will be a particular focus on considering audience and purpose, ambitious vocabulary and editing, redrafting and publishing. This means we will be carefully selecting writing techniques and vocabulary that suits different audiences, for example, MPs, significant people, peers and parents. As authors, we will go through the process of refining our original draft, ensuring we edit for impact, whilst also checking for spelling and grammar mistakes. 

Some wonderful websites to support children's writing ideas: › Schools Home

Here are some documents that can support you with your child's writing at home. Please encourage them to write for a range of people, groups and reasons.


Every child has a login for Spelling Shed, which allows your child to access their weekly spellings, play spelling games and complete assignments. 


Oxford Owl is a great website and the below link has advice for parents who want to support their child with spellings: 


Oak National Academy still has some available units that can provide activities for your child to access at home:  


Below is a link to the Year 5 and 6 spellings:


Further to our daily maths lessons, we consolidate our learning and basic skills three times a week. Below are websites that can be used to support your child's learning:


If you would like to build your own confidence and gain tips on how to support your child, National Numeracy offers advice, ideas and materials to help you: 


Nrich provides great mathematical puzzles and investigations that requires your child to think and problem solve on a deeper level - 



It is essential that your child has regular times tables practice. In Year 6, we apply our knowledge of times tables through almost every aspect of the Maths curriculum, so if you think your child needs extra support, please let us know ASAP. 

All children have a login for Times Table Rockstars and their access can be monitored so that we can identify interventions that are needed. Children who regularly access this, can also receive certificates and prizes. Your child can access it here: Times Table Rockstars

There are lots of mathematical words that can be difficult to remember, so here is a document to support: